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Armenian PM’s spouse meets with women operating actively in Artsakh

Anna Hakobyan, spouse of the Armenian Prime Minister, chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of My Step and City of Smile charitable foundations, on May 22 met with women in Artsakh who carry out active public, political and cultural activity.

Anna Hakobyan was accompanied by spouse of President of Artsakh Kristine Harutyunyan.

Mrs. Hakobyan introduced the developments and future programs of the Women For Peace campaign. In her remarks she said this campaign aims at uniting all women so that they demand political decision-makers, who are mainly men, to peacefully solve conflicts between various countries.

“We as a wife, mother, sister have all rights to demand our husbands to save the lives of our sons, brothers, husbands and move the competition race of force from the battle field to the field of mind, brain.

There is nothing impossible, and just a political will is needed to refuse from wars and solve all conflicts through negotiations”, she said, adding that many try to interpret this campaign as a weakness, but this is a wrong opinion.

“I am convinced and confident that in case of a military encroachment against Artsakh not only our Army, but also all Armenians would stand for defending it, be they military official or civilian, woman or man. Like me, many women as well, I am sure, are ready to take a weapon for defending their homeland and children. But this will be done not for war, but to prove that there is no alternative to peace”, she said, adding that this campaign doesn’t recognize nationality, religion, race, everyone can join this call for peace. The women operating actively in Artsakh stated that they welcome this initiative and are ready to assist.

During the meeting the presentation of the Women For Peace website ( took place.