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Anna Hakobyan meets with Vietnamese PM’s wife, invites her to visit Yerevan

Armenian Prime Minister’s wife, chairwoman of the head of the Board of Trustees of “My Step” and “City of Smile” charity foundations met with the wife of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Tran Nguyet Thu in Hanoi. During the meeting, Anna Hakobyan shared her impressions of Hanoi, stressing that she noticed kindness in the eyes of the Vietnamese. Hakobyan believes that the basis of this kindness is traditional Vietnamese music, after listening to which it is impossible to experience feelings of anger. Tran Nguyet Thu topuched upon the centuries-old history of Armenia and its rich cultural heritage.

“Armenia annually receives a large flow of tourists. I hope that I will be able to visit your historical country once,” she said.

Anna Hakobyan, in turn, thanked the Vietnamese PM’s spouse for the warm welcome.

“Your country is beautiful, I fell in love with your city. It is very beautiful and comfortable. I am astonished by the hospitality of your people. I hope that you and your spouse will find time and will visit our country. I invite you to Armenia and I am sure that as I love your country, you will love Armenia,” she said.

During the meeting, the spouses of the prime ministers talked about the importance of the role of women and the preservation of peace. “On our way here, my spouse and I talked about how strong the Vietnamese people were, once they managed to fight and preserve their independence. It was a very brave step. I know that this achievement was not an easy one, there were casualties and losses,” Armenian PM’s wife emphasized.

“It is because of these victims that we are well aware of the importance of peace,”

the wife of Vietnamese PM suggested. Anna Hakobyan presented the history of Artsakh, the problems associated with the Karabakh conflict. In this context, the wife of Armenian PM presented “Women For Peace” campaign, stressing that the goal is to raise the issue of preserving peace with the help of women, mothers and sisters.